One more week to go: on September 18th, 2020, the course Applied Mathematics and Informatics In Drug Discovery (AMIDD) will run again at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Basel.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the course in the fall semester 2020 will take place online with Zoom. Please follow the instructions on the course’s website,, to register for the Zoom meetings. Both students who want to take credits and auditors are welcome.

Having taught both class-room and virtual courses before, I am aware that both formats have advantages and disadvantages. Since this semester will be the first time that I teach the AMIDD course virtually, I do not expect everything runs smoothly. I will try to make the best of the situation and learn along the way how to best help and support the students to learn together.

In the AMIDD course, we focus on interdisciplinary research in drug discovery with mathematics as the language and informatics as the tool. More information on the course can be found at the course directory of the University Basel. And if you want to get an impression of the course, the archived page of the 2019 semester may be of help.