Insight China is an international student project organised by students for students who are interested in China. They are organizing a trip to China for dozens of students. An amazing organisation and a great project in my opinion!

I had the honour to be invited to speak in the preparatory seminar for the trip about drug discovery, how to transform ideas into medicines, and about Roche in China. Other speakers of the seminar included Mr. Geng Wenbing, the Chinese Ambassador to Switzerland, Dr. Uli Sigg, former Swiss Ambassador to China, Mr. William Leigh-Pemberton, a truly global person with root in UK who works for a Swiss company and who has lived in the Big China area for about 25 years. It was a great pleasure and privilege of mine, therefore, to speak along with them to young students.

In my talk, I shared my personal experience with the students, explained how drug discovery, an impactful interdisciplinary enterprise of human beings, transforms ideas into medicines, and introduce how we implement the idea of Roche In China, Roche For China. View the website of Insight China for an impression of the day. And below you can find the presentation slides that I delivered.

Slide front page

Download the presentation slides in the PDF format

I would like to thank Dr. Volker Herdtweck, Dr. Yufan Jiang, Prof. Michael Jeive and the students for organising the event and for the kind invitation. I would also like to thank Mr. William Leigh-Pemberton and Mr. Toni Lang for valuable feedback and insightful discussions. Last but not least, I wish all the students a great trip, and thank them for building the bridge between Switzerland and China!