We offer an six-month internship for PhD students on the topic of image data analysis and modelling.

What is a RISE studentship?

My company (F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd) offers graduate students an industrial internship programme, known as RISE, or Roche Internship for Scientific Exchange.

The key idea is that PhD students who are about to finish their thesis can join the industry for a short period of time (usually 6 months) to gain first-hand experience in industrial research.

Read more about the RISE programme here..

About this position

Here is a detailed description of the position that my colleagues and I are now posting: Roche Careers Website. You can also apply there.

We are seeking for a motivated PhD researcher to develop and apply an advanced image processing workflow to analyse and model high-content screening data from complex angiogenesis assays.

The student will work with both wet-lab scientists and in silico data modelling and machine learning experts. If you are a PhD student in the field of computational biology, statistics, machine learning and in particular image processing, this position may be interesting for you. If you are curious about or interested in learning how industrial research is performed, this is an outstanding opportunity.

How can I apply?

Please apply here at the Roche Careers Website and help spreading the word! In case of questions, do not hesitate to reach out the contact person indicated in the job ad. Much success and luck with your application!