We are recruiting an student intern to work with us for 9 months on immuno-safety assessment of drug candidates.

What the internship is about

The intern shall implement a bioinformatics workflow to assess the immunological relevance of our in vitro models. The workflow includes data management, data processing, and data analysis and visualization components. Once available, the workflow will allow us make better predictions about drug safety profiles and decisions about how to bring molecules to patients quickly and safely.

The requirements

We expect you to apply for the internship if you meet all the requirements below.

  • You are proficient with Python programming. Ideally you have worked with open-source workflow managers such as Snakemake or Nextflow.
  • You have experience with data management and visualization. For instance you are comfortable working with SQL, the document database MongoDB, and REST APIs.
  • You have a master degree in bioinformatics, computer science, biomedicine, biological sciences or a related discipline, or a bachelor degree or apprenticeship in a related field with at least one year practical experience.
  • You are open to learning immunology. Previous experience or close collaboration in an immunology field would be appreciated but not a requirement.
  • You have strong oral and written communication skills. Proficiency in written and verbal English is mandatory.
  • You enjoy working in a multidisciplinary team. You put yourself in your colleagues’ place and act boldly collaborating with them to bring better results to patients.

How to apply

Please apply for the position here.

You need to submit a CV, a motivation letter that does not include any personal details that refer to gender, age or ethnicity, and if available your open-source software repositories (for instance GitHub or GitLab) which we can access. Please don’t include an application photo.

The preferred start date of the 9-months-internship can be adjusted upon availability (ideally start before April 2022). Please clearly indicate your preferred start date and duration of the internship on your motivation letter.