Our team is looking for a master or PhD student to work on automated modeling and simulation for population pharmacokinetic models. We offer a 6-month internship starting from Q3 2022 or availability. Apply here.

Population pharmacokinetic models are used in drug development to describe the time course of drug exposure in patients, and to investigate sources of variability in patient exposure. The technique can be used to simulate and assess alternative dose regimens.

Current strategy of population pharmacokinetic models is probably best described by a complex and iterative process that is manually performed by modelers. Automatic modelling instead uses algorithms to search for potential models that best describe a given dataset. Software tools are used to search the space of models and/or model features, to create and fit a series of candidate models, and to rank the models by pre-defined selection criteria.

In the position, you will

  • Use cutting edge automatic model development tools to develop population pharmacokinetic (PK) models based on clinical trial data and/or simulated data;
  • Attend training sessions to learn about automated modelling and simulation processes;
  • Attend department meetings to gain an understanding on how modelling and simulation influence drug development;
  • Present the project results to modelling and data analytics scientists, and potentially publish the findings in a high-impact journal.

Requirements for the position:

  • You are working towards a Master’s (or finished it recently), or PhD degree in a quantitative discipline (Pharmacometrics, or related field) and you are looking for an exciting opportunity to expand your hands-on experience in the field of Pharmacometrics in a drug development setting;
  • Basic knowledge of Pharmacokinetics, Clinical Pharmacology and clinical drug development;
  • Basic knowledge of statistics (theory and application);
  • Demonstrated competence in coding in R
  • Experience with modelling and simulation population software, such as NONMEM or Monolix
  • Fluency in written and spoken English
  • You have very good interpersonal and communication skills, are able to build good working relationships, and are an outstanding teammate.
  • Your experience and investigative attitude allow you to work independently, to design, perform, and interpret experiments, and to embark on new scientific methodologies.

If you are interested, apply for the internship here.