Aviv Regev is joining Roche as the head of Genentech Research and Early Development. Here is a brief news item from the New York Times.

Aviv Regev, a world-class expert in computational biology and systems biology. She has great expertise in both biology and computer science. Before joining Roche, she is a professor associated with the BROAD Institute of MIT, member of the leadership team there, and associated with the Harvard University.

I envision that she will influence how drug-discovery research is conducted at Genentech and in the whole Roche group. A sure bet is that we will increasingly integrate experimental and computational approaches, with the hope that both approaches informing and enhancing each other. Another sure bet is that we will use more single-cell and multimodal techniques to characterize diseases as well as drug candidates.

As a computational biologist, I hope that her capacity to steer interdisciplinary research to tackle complex problems will help us better understand diseases and identify drugs with better safety and efficacy profiles.

Congratulations and welcome, Aviv!