I am committed to knowledge sharing and continuous learning.

Consulting and reviewing

I have consulted universities and research institutes for scientific questions and project proposals. Besides reviewing scientific publications, I have participated in reviewing scientific proposals in the field of bioinformatics, computational biology, and translational biomedical sciences for both international and national funding agencies. References are available upon request.


Teaching is my personal engagement. I thank the great support and input from colleagues at Roche and other companies, colleagues at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and the Department of Pharmacy, University of Basel, and support by ETH D-BSSE and Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (CBB) master program, as well as students who take the courses.


In autumn semesters, I teach a undergraduate-level course series, Applied Mathematics and Informatics in Drug Discovery (AMIDD), at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Basel.

Check out the material of Applied Mathematics and Informatics In Drug Discovery on its website AMIDD.ch.


In spring semesters, I teach an advanced course series, Mathematical and Computational Biology in Drug Discovery (MCBDD) as a follow-up course of AMIDD. Its material can be found on the course’s website MCBDD.ch.

From Novel Targets To Novel Therapeutics

In spring semesters, I teach one lecture of the course series From Novel Targets to Novel Therapeutics on topics of computational biology and multiscale modelling at the Department of Pharmacy, University of Basel.

Supervising and training

I work closely and regularly with junior researchers, including apprentices of Berufsausbildung, bachelor, master and PhD students, as well as postdoc researchers. My responsibility includes

  • supervision of Berufsausbildung (professional development) apprentices,
  • supervision of internships,
  • mentoring projects and theses,
  • consulting personal and professional development,
  • organizing teamwork in computational biology and its application in drug discovery.

Furthermore, I give talks to high-school students and general public to introduce them computational biology and applied mathematics and informatics in drug discovery. I also give Carpentry courses as a certificated Instructor and help organising internships. I became a certificated Carpentry instructor and a certificated vocational trainer (Berufsausbilder in German) for computer science in 2022.

References of supervised apprentices, students, and postdoc researchers are available upon request.

If you consider doing a postdoc in Pharma, these Ten Simple Rules might be useful.

Public talks


  1. Finding hope in a hopeless time - How Predictive Modeling and Data Analytics shifts our perspectives about antimicrobial discovery. Invited talk at the pre-conference workshop Promise of artificial intelligence to antibacterial drug discovery, 7th AMR Conference, Basel, March 2023.
    • Homepage of the workshop, hosted by the REVIVE outreach activity of GARDP (Global Antibiotic Research & Development Partnership).
    • Recording is available on YouTube.


  1. Towards causal modelling of drug-induced toxicity for preclinical to clinical translation, the Third In Silico Toxicology meeting, organized by Prof. Andreas Bender, September 2022, YouTube Stream.


  1. Optimization of the TeraTox assay for preclinical teratogenicity assessment, co-presentation with Manuela Jaklin, OpenTox Virtual Conference 2021
  2. Ten simple rules for doing a postdoc in Pharma, BC2 Basel Computational Biology Conference 2021, Basel, Switzerland
  3. Working Fields in Pharmaceutical Industry, the Graduate School of Pharmacy, University of Freiburg, Germany.


  1. OpenTox Swiss Chapter Meeting, Basel, Switzerland.
  2. ISMB/ECCB 2019, Basel, Swizterland.
    • Bioinformatics and exploratory data analysis in drug discovery: an industrial perspective
  3. Workshop Insight China, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), Liestal, Switzerland.


  1. Perlen-Kolloquium, University of Basel, Switzerland.