Welcome to the website for Introduction to Applied Mathematics and Informatics In Drug Discovery, the course series running at the Department of Mathematics and Informatics, University of Basel in the fall semester 2020.

We focus on interdisciplinary research in drug discovery with mathematics as the language and informatics as the tool. More information on the course can be found at the course directory of the University Basel.

Lectures with Zoom: registration required

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the course in 2020 will take place online with Zoom.

In order to attend the interactive lectures, please register yourself once for the Zoom meetings with this link at https://unibas.zoom.us. The registration is necessary for students who want to get credits and for auditors.

Time and place

The lecture takes place on Fridays between 12:15 and 13:45 exclusively on Zoom. The meeting will be active between 12:00 and 14:00, so that any questions to the lecturer can be addressed before and after the lecture.

You can add the events to your calendar once you register for the Zoom meetings with the link above.

Course material and licensing

Both slides and board are used for the course. Course material, including lecture notes, slides, and reading material, are shared on the course’s web site, AMIDD.ch, unless otherwise specified in the course.

All Zoom sessions are recorded and distributed among attendees.

All course material, unless otherwise stated, is shared under the Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA 4.0) license.


1. Drug discovery: an overview (18.09.2020)

2. The central dogma and the discovery of Vemurafenib (25.09.2020)

3. Biological sequence analysis (02.10.2020)

4. From protein structure to screening (09.10.2020)

5. Principles of molecular modelling (16.10.2020)

6. From molecular networks to omics and cellular modelling (23.10.2020)

7. Omics and cellular modelling (II) (30.10.2020)

8. PK/PD and PBPK modelling (06.11.2020).

9. Population modelling and clinical trials (13.11.2020)

10. Guest-speaker session (I) (20.11.2020)

11. Dies academicus - optional Ask Me Anything session (27.11.)

12. Guest-speaker session (II) (4.12)

13. Student presentation (I) (11.12.)

14. Student presentation (II) (18.12.)


The final note is given by participation (40%), presentation (30%), and project work (30%).

The project work will be about concepts that we learned together and their applications in practice. The work will be judged by how you work within a team, how you find and integrate information, and how well you explain your findings to a general, non-expert readership. Details will follow when the attendee list is finalized.

Further questions or suggestions?

Please contact the lecturer, Jitao David Zhang, at jitao-david.zhang@unibas.ch.

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